download (4)There are very many different designs that can be used in making diamond engagement rings. This article is going to go into details on the available designs that can be used to help a person who is intending to go shopping for engagement rings through Wedding Rings from Michael Arthur.

The Halo Ring

The halo diamond engagement rings will simply take your breath away. The style is in a way that there are a number of smaller diamonds which surround the central stone. This is very elegant and with one look the viewer is drawn to the stone at the center. The stone that is at the centre needs to be clearly cut as it will be made to look much more enormous by the smaller surrounding diamonds.

A Modern Classic Diamond Engagement Ring

This style has the ring made with a center stone and smaller rocks on its side. When shopping for this specific style, you need to be keen on the setting that is going to hold, both the smaller stones and the one that will also hold the stone that will be at the centre. The most recommended setting for this style is to have a prong for the middle stone then a paved setting for the side stones which will make the ring to be very beautiful.

The Love Knot Design

This style features the slender curves of a precious metal which is looped very gracefully to form a knot. A diamond stone is then infused at the centre of the knot making it to be a beautiful knot with a sparkling diamond in it.